Getting Here

Getting to Zamami is a cinch.

Zamami Port

Zamami Port


Zamami Village runs two ferries from Tomari Port in Naha multiple times per day.  The Ferry Zamami is the larger of the two and carries cargo in addition to passengers.  The high-speed “Queen Zamami” jets visitors to the islands in a mere 50 minutes.  Tomari Port is located near the center of Naha City.  The Zamami Village Ticket Office in the main Tomari Port Terminal is about a 10-minute walk from Miebashi Station on the Yui Rail Monorail.

Check the “Getting to Tomari Port” page for more information.

Only a 50-70 minute ride on the high-speed Queen Zamami, and you’ll find yourself in a tropical National Park, worlds away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.


Ferry Zamami:

On the bridge of the Ferry Zamami.

On the bridge of the Ferry Zamami.

The Ferry Zamami typically makes one trip to Zamami Village and back per day.  However, during peak season months, Ferry Zamami often runs twice per day.  The Ferry Zamami costs 2120 yen one way and 4030 yen for a round trip ticket.  The Ferry Zamami generally stops at Aka Island before continuing on to Zamami Island.  The trip from Tomari to Aka is about 1.5 hours and about 2 hours to Zamami.  The price is the same.  During the summer months, the Ferry usually departs Zamami at 15:00 for Aka and departs Aka at 15:30 for Tomari again.  The Ferry arrives back in Tomari Port at around 17:00.  In the winter, Ferry Zamami departs Zamami and Aka Islands an hour earlier at 14:00 and 14:30 respectively.  Lastly, the Ferry Zamami can also carry large amounts of cargo and vehicles.  Those who would like to bring a bicycle, scooter, or car to Zamami must contact the Zamami Ticket Office in Tomari Port in person or by phone at 098-868-4567.  Prices differ depending on the size of each item.


High-Speed Queen Zamami:

Her royal highness the Queen has arrived!

Her royal highness Queen Zamami.

The Queen Zamami typically makes two trips to Zamami per day and three during the peak seasons.  Unlike the Ferry Zamami, the Queen departs from the hokugan north side of Tomari Port and requires an additional 5-minute walk from the Tomari Terminal.  However, there is a ticket window at the hokugan north side of the port so you can purchase your tickets there instead.

The Queen Zamami takes about 50-70 minutes to reach its destination depending on whether it stops in Aka or Zamami Port first.  A one-way ticket costs 3140 yen, and a round-trip ticket costs 5970 yen.  The morning Queen Zamami generally departs year round at 9:00.  Usually from April until the end of September, the afternoon Queen Zamami departs Tomari at 16:00, Aka Island at 17:00, and Zamami Island at 17:20.  However, the afternoon Queen Zamami departs an hour earlier from October through the end of March.  During these winter months, the sun sets earlier, and the seas are often rough.  As a result, the Queen departs Tomari at 15:00, Aka at 16:00, and Zamami at 16:20.


Reserving Tickets:

The peak season months include the first week of May (Golden Week), July, August, and September.  As a rule, the Queen Zamami ferries are booked full and have no open seats.  At times, even the larger Ferry Zamami has no open seats.  It is strongly recommended to reserve your tickets in advance.  There are a few methods to book tickets.

  1. Reserve your tickets online through the Web Reservation System (credit card required).  Note, those with credit cards issued outside of Japan can only reserve tickets 23 days prior to the intended date of travel.  Also, when you reserve your tickets, you will be required to register your credit card information for payment the day you board your vessel.  You will not be charged until your actual day of travel when you go to the ticket counter to receive your tickets.  You will have to fill out a form so remember your reservation numbersreceipt number, and the credit card you made your reservation with.  If you cancel your tickets before their purchase on your day of travel, you will not be charged any amount and your credit card information will be removed from the system.
  2. Contact the Zamami Village Naha Ticket Office in Tomari Port by phone, fax, or in person.  There should be a staff member who can speak enough English to reserve your tickets.  If calling, please call after 10:00AM as they are the busiest in the morning.  If sending a fax, please be sure to include the dates, times and names of your desired vessels, number of passengers, representative’s name, and phone number.

Tel. 098-868-4567

Fax. 098-868-0630

In general, tickets are available for reservation 2 months prior to the intended date of travel.  The tickets are actually purchased the day of travel before boarding the ferry, so please allow yourself enough time to fill out the appropriate forms and purchase your tickets on the day of travel.  Tickets reserved online must be picked up at the port before boarding the vessel (remember your reservation number, receipt number, and credit card).


Ferry Schedule and Cancellations:

The finalized ferry schedule is updated daily on the Zamami Village Homepage at 8:00AM.  The daily schedule is determined by the captain of the Ferry Zamami and the Queen Zamami and is dependent on sea conditions.  When the winds are strong (winter and typhoons) the waves become high.  When the waves become high, it is unsafe to run the ferries.  The Queen Zamami generally won’t run if the waves are around 3 meters or higher.  The Ferry Zamami stops if the waves reach around 4 meters or higher.

The predicted ferry schedules are determined about 3 months in advance are listed on the Zamami Village Homepage.