Long Day Trip (Queen)

Zamami Village is close enough to Naha to enjoy even for only a day trip.  Although we recommend staying at least one night if possible to fully enjoy all that Zamami has to offer, a day trip gives you a good taste of Zamami’s aquatic fun.

We’ve broken day trips down into two types: regular and short.  A regular day trip involves coming to Zamami on the morning high-speed ferry and leaving on the final afternoon high-speed ferry to maximize time.

However, visitors who come during summer’s peak season months without booking high-speed ferry tickets in advance generally have to travel here on the larger Ferry Zamami.  A round trip on the Ferry Zamami limits your time on the island to 3 hours in the summer, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had.

Also, check the Aka-Geruma section for itineraries specific to Aka-Geruma islands.

ALWAYS wear a life jacket when snorkeling.  NEVER touch, kick, or stand on the coral.  Coral is a living creature and it will die.  You will likely cut yourself.  A life jacket stops you from drowning or touching the coral.

Queen Day Trips:

The day can be roughly divided into two blocks: morning and afternoon.

Basically, just fill each block with an activity and you’ll have a wonderful time.  Have lunch at a local restaurant midday to keep your energy levels up.  Stop back at the port early so you do not miss your ferry.

Activities could be anything from fishing to boat snorkeling, laying on the beach, hiking, or swimming.

Activities that require reservations include: diving, boat snorkeling, sea kayaking and standup paddleboarding.

Below are some activities that do not require reservations and would be great after some diving, kayaking, etc.

Furuzamami Beach Snorkeling (full/half day):

The two main beaches are Furuzamami Beach and Ama Beach.  Both beaches are about a 20-minute walk from the port.  The road to Ama Beach is flat and along the water.  However the road Furuzamami is up a big hill, then back down.  The village-run bus heads to Furuzamami multiple times a day and departs from the stairs right outside of the ticket office in the port.

Furuzamami Beach has a lot of coral and fish immediately upon entering the water.  It is the best beach on Zamami for snorkeling.  There are snorkel equipment rentals right at the beach.  There are also food and drink, umbrella rentals, beach chair rentals, showers, and bathrooms at the beach.

Ama Beach Snorkeling (full/half day):

Ama Beach is also a 20-minute walk from the port and accessible by village-run bus.  The road to Ama beach is flat and along the water offering great views of many of Zamami’s uninhabited islands.  Ama Beach has the best views for a beach on Zamami Island.

ama new angle

Ama Beach has less coral immediately upon entering the water as compared to Furuzamami Beach.  However, especially before and during high tide, sea turtles frequent the shallow waters along Ama Beach to graze on sea grass underwater.

Approach the sea turtles slowly.  DO NOT try to chase or touch the sea turtles.  Do not tread water around the sea turtles as it kicks up dust and scares them away.  Even if you are a strong swimmer, we recommend a life jacket because the water is fairly shallow and you’ll be struggling to not touch the bottom and any coral.

Rent snorkel and beach gear from OkiRentals in the Ama Hamlet.  Another option is to rent snorkeling gear from one of the many diving / snorkeling shops or bicycle rental shops in the main Zamami Hamlet before heading over to Ama Beach.  There are a few small parlors next to the beach that sell light food items and snacks.  There are showers and bathrooms at the Ama Beach Campground.

Please pay the small fee to use the showers as it helps keep the camp ground facilities running.

Sight Seeing in Ama (half day):

For those who do not intend to swim, going along the road to the Ama Hamlet provides great views and opportunities to take beautiful photographs.

The islands of Zamami Village are all quite mountainous.  It is not realistic to try to walk / bike all the way around the island.

That being said, the road to the Ama Hamlet and part way to the Kaminohama Observatory is flat.  Ama Beach is only 1.5 kilometers (about a 20-minute walk) from the Zamami Port, and the observation deck is another 1.5 kilometers from Ama (up hill towards the end).

The village-run bus also goes to and from Ama a few times a day for those who do not wish to walk.

Just be wary of the time and your energy levels as to not miss your return ferry to Naha.

Takatsukiyama Observatory (a couple of hours):

Takatsukiyama is one of the tallest mountains on Zamami Island.  There are two observation decks atop Takatsukiyama that offer breathtaking views in all directions around Zamami.

For those who don’t mind a bit of a workout, follow the road behind the school straight up the mountain.  The one-way walking time depends largely on one’s pace.  The observation deck is approximately 1.5 kilometers from the port.

Upon reaching the top, the main platform is clearly visible.  If you follow the forest road near the main observation deck you will arrive at the secondary platform that has amazing views of Furuzamami Beach.

Once again, be wary of your time and energy levels.

Uninhabited Islands (half day):

There are water taxis that depart from the port to the three main uninhabited islands.  The smaller two (Gahi and Agenashiku) cost 1500 yen per person for a round trip.  Just tell the captain what time you want to return, and he will pick you up then.

There are no facilities of any kind on the uninhabited islands.  You will have to bring your own water.  The water taxis often offer beach-umbrella rentals in addition to snorkel gear as there is no shade on the islands.

Bring any and all of your trash back to Zamami with you.  Dispose of your trash in the proper receptacles in the port.  For safety reasons, visitors must be in groups of at least two or more.  You may be able to join other groups of people if you are on your own.

Fishing (full / half day):

There are a few places to rent fishing gear on Zamami.  You will have to buy your own bait.  There are a few stores that sell bait on the island.

There is great fishing even from the shore on Zamami.  Inquire about fishing rentals at the Tourist Information Center in the port.