Short Day Trips (Ferry)

Zamami Village is close enough to Naha to enjoy even for only a day trip.  Although we recommend staying at least one night if possible to fully enjoy all that Zamami has to offer, a day trip gives you a good taste of Zamami’s aquatic fun.

We’ve broken day trips down into two types: regular and short.  A regular day trip involves coming to Zamami on the morning high-speed ferry and leaving on the final afternoon high-speed ferry to maximize time here.

However, visitors who come during summer’s peak season months without booking high-speed ferry tickets in advance generally have to travel here on the larger Ferry Zamami.  A round trip on the Ferry Zamami limits your time on the island to 3 hours in the summer, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had.

Also, check the Aka-Geruma section for itineraries specific to Aka-Geruma islands.

ALWAYS wear a life jacket when snorkeling.  NEVER touch, kick, or stand on the coral.  Coral is a living creature and it will die.  You will likely cut yourself.  A life jacket stops you from drowning or touching the coral.

Short Day Trip:

So you were only able to book a same-day round-trip ticket on the larger Ferry Zamami?

No need to fear!  Although you have only a few hours in Zamami, you can still get a taste of what the islands have to offer.

However, time is of the essence!


ferry zamami 3

More visitors are now able to sail in greater comfort on the newly christened Ferry Zamami 3


Swimming at Furuzamami (the best snorkeling)

As soon as you arrive in Zamami, hop on the 12:20 village-run bus heading for Furuzamami Beach.  There’s only one bus.  It’s shaped more like a big gray van and located at the bottom of the stairs between the information center and ticket office.

Furuzamami Beach has tons of coral immediately upon entering the water and therefore has a lot of fish including clown fish (nemo).  Furuzamami is the best beach on Zamami Island for snorkeling.

The beach is waiting.

The beach is waiting.

There is plenty of gear for rental such as snorkels, masks, fins, life jackets, beach chairs, parasols, etc.  If you get hungry from all your swimming and snorkeling, there are food and drinks at Furuzamami as well.

Just be sure to take the last bus back to the port before the Ferry Zamami departs.  During the summer months, the last bus is at 14:20, but you can ask around at the beach during off season months to make sure.

Sight-Seeing / Scenery Heavy

For those who find themselves in Zamami to take in the amazing views, we have yet a further tailored plan.

We first recommend grabbing something to eat immediately upon arrival as most restaurants close quite early after lunch time.  Also, pick up a map in the tourist information center before heading out.  If the weather is nice, you could even pick up a pre-made lunch box from Tanpopo or either of the grocery stores and have a picnic al fresco with million dollar views.

The journey starts with a gorgeous 1.5-kilometer walk (about 20 min.) along the water from the Zamami Port area to Ama Beach.

For those would not like to walk, the village-run bus departs from the Zamami Port to Ama Beach at 12:45.  The final return bus before the Ferry departs is from Ama Beach to the Port before the Ferry departs is at 14:30.

Ama Beach has some of the best views in Zamami.  Take your time to relax at Ama Beach.

If you have time and energy, the Kaminohama Observatory is another 1.5 kilometers (about 25 min.) from Ama Beach.  It’s a little bit of a hike up hill, but the scenery from Kaminohama Observatory is amazing.  Kaminohama is the mayor’s favorite observation deck.

Just be wary of the time, your energy levels, and your walking pace.

The the pretty, water-side road from the port to Ama Beach is one of the only flat roads in Zamami–perfect for bicycling!  The sight-seeing itinerary is also possible by bicycle.

Ama Beach Swimming (pretty views & sea turtles)

The Ama Beach Swimming itinerary is fairly similar to the Sight Seeing Plan.  Pick up a map in the tourist information center before you begin.

Head to Ama Beach by foot, bicycle, or bus (12:45).  Rent snorkel gear either in the Zamami Area before heading over to Ama or at OkiRentals in Ama.

Other than offering spectacular views, Ama Beach often has sea turtles.  The sea turtles like to graze sea grass at the bottom of the shallow waters at Ama Beach.  You have the best chance of swimming with sea turtles during high tide.  Just look for where other snorkelers are congregated–there’s probably a sea turtle there.

DO NOT touch the sea turtles.  Approach them slowly and stay a respectable distance away.  Do not tread water near the sea turtles.

Ama Beach is shallow and you should wear a life jacket to avoid spending unnecessary energy treading water and scaring off the sea turtles.

NEVER touch the coral.  You will probably get cut and some of it can be poisonous.

During the summer months, there is a small parlor by the beach offering food such as curry and Okinawa soba noodles.  There are bathrooms at the campground.  Please pay the campground the small fee if you do decide to use the showers.  It’s the right thing to do and it keeps the facilities open.

Once again, be wary of the time and be sure to head back with plenty of time to board your return ferry.  The last bus to the port from Ama before the ferry leaves is at 14:30.


These itineraries are merely suggestions and it remains the visitors full responsibility to keep track of time and board their return vessels.  Zamami Tourist Information, the Zamami Village Office, and the Zamami Tourism Association bear no responsibility for those visitors who do not board their vessel in time.  Please keep track of time and board your vessel as soon as possible.