Family Boat Fishing

Zamami Village is surrounded by coral.  Coral provides a cradle of life for sea creatures.  There are a lot of fish off Zamami’s shores.  By heading out a little further between the islands by boat, fishing enthusiasts can catch larger fish.

By heading out even further to the open sea, Zamami has awesome GT fishing.  Zamami Village holds the Zamami Cup marlin-fishing tournament every year.  There is one shop that offers a day of trolling.

One shop rents fishing tackle.  However, bait is usually not included.  You can buy bait at the Komine Store or Umikaji.  Rentals usually include a reel, rod, hook, line, sinkers, float, and cooler (for the bait.)  Basically all of the basics and nothing else.

As there is only one shop that offers tackle rentals, we recommend bringing your own tackle if possible.  If the one rental shop is closed, then you’re out of luck aside from buying a rod at the tackle shop on town.  The tackle shop does not offer rentals.

We advise asking the rental provider for the best points, but people are often seen fishing from the large concrete walls in and around the port, the walls and large rocks along the road to Ama, and the rocks around the opposite corner of the port.  A couple of rental providers also offer a service to transport you to the largest wave-barrier wall in Zamami Port.  Many Okinawans from the mainland come to Zamami to fish from that wall.

The Tourist Information Center may be able to call for you when you arrive.

Tackle Rentals

Boat Fishing

The above mentioned Zamami Tour Operation as well as Captain Seishun Miyahira offer fishing via boat.  The price per person depends on the number of participants.  If there are 5 participants, each person costs 6500 yen.  If there is only one participant, then that participant will cost 18,000 yen.  The price includes the fees for the boat, gear, bait, etc.

  1. Seishun Miyahira / Nanseiso (guest house)
  2. Zamami Tour Operation



There is one shop that offers trolling: Heartland.  Participants take a 50-minute ride via large leisure and fishing boat out to sea.  From there, customers have the chance to catch huge fish, including marlin, tuna, bonito, mahi-mahi, etc.  Trolling is a full-day adventure.

The price: 80,000 yen.

Heartland English Homepage

The fees include any and all tackle or necessary equipment, guide, boat charter, fuel costs, lunch, and insurance.


Whether you go all-out GT fishing or stick to the shores with an inexpensive tackle rental, you are sure to have a blast fishing in Zamami Village.  Don’t forget to pack some snacks and a few local Orion Beers or some Okinawan awamori liquor.