Observation Decks


Zamami, Aka, Geruma, and Fukaji (the Kerama Airport) Islands have observation decks.  These platforms offer some of the most striking views in Zamami Village.  Zamami Tourist Information highly recommends making it to as many of these view points as possible.

A few of the observation decks can be reached in 20-30 minutes by foot.  However, the best way to make it around to all of the view points is by scooter or car.  Zamami is very mountainous.


  • Takatsukiyama Observatory is about a 25-30 minute walk (1.4 km) straight up Mt. Takatsukiyama.  Although the walk is quite a workout, Takatsukiyama is one of the highest peaks on Zamami Island and offers stunning views in all directions.  On a clear day, visitors can sometimes see Okinawa Island in the distance.
  • Inazaki Observatory is located on the north side of Zamami Island and was recently reconstructed by the Ministry of the Environment.  The Ministry of the Environment and the Zamami Whale Watching Association use the tower at Inazaki during whale-watching season to spot and study whale sightings.  The tower is closed during whale-watching season, but the large deck with panoramic views to the north and west that is open year round.  Inazaki is another 2km (or 30-40 minutes) from Takatsukiyama.  Inazaki is 3.5 km (50-60 minute walk) from the port.
  • Kaminohama Observatory is about a 20-minute (1.5 km) walk from Ama Beach and a 40-minute walk from the port.  Kaminohama is popular among visitors and locals due to its bird’s-eye-views of Ama Beach’s turquoise waters.  Kaminohama provides a wonderful view of all of Zamami’s islands, Tonaki Island, and even Kume Island to the west on clear days.  The road to Kaminohama is relatively flat until the final portion making access by bicycle one option.  Kaminohama is great for sunsets.
  • Unajinosachi Observatory is another 10 minute walk uphill from Kaminohama on the Western side of the island.  Unajinosachi is good for sunsets.  We recommend traveling to Unajinosachi by scooter or car.  Unajinosachi is a 2.8 km (40-minute) walk from the port.
  • Chishi Observatory is the only observation deck on the eastern side of Zamami Island.  Chishi offers views of stunning cliffs and the ocean to the north.  Chishi is approximately a 40-50 minute walk (3.3 km) from the port.
  • Amagusuku Observatory on Aka Island is the only observation deck we recommend walking to.  Amagusuku is located right next to the main Aka Hamlet and offers good views to the south and west.  Amagusuku is approximately a 15-minute walk from Aka Port.
  • Takibaru Observatory is a hike up the mountains on Aka Island and is 3 km (40-50 minutes) from the port.  Going to Takibaru involves an additional hike through the woods, so it is not recommended for the faint of heart.

Traveling to all of the observation decks on Zamami Island by scooter or car will take no more than 2-3 hours for those who take their time at each observation deck and along the way.  Pick up a map in the Tourist Information Center on either island for a comprehensive list of and directions to the observation decks.