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Although primarily known as a diving location, Zamami Village has incredible snorkeling.  Zamami’s snorkeling is so good that many of the locals claim one can have just as much fun snorkeling as they can diving.

The reason Zamami’s snorkeling receives such high praise is due to a number of factors.  First, the waters in and around Zamami Village are some of the clearest in the world with visibility at over 30 meters (100 feet) during the summer season.  Second, Zamami has more than 20 islands, all of which are surrounded by coral.  Many great snorkeling spots are accessible from the beach.  Snorkelers can experience a wide variety of coral and fish immediately upon entering the water.  Third, and subsequently, the waters surrounding Zamami’s islands are quite shallow.  The combination of ultra-high visibility and shallow waters allow snorkelers to see all the fish and coral from the surface of the water.

Snorkeling is a carefree way for visitors without a diving license to experience all that Zamami’s ocean has to offer.

Beach Snorkeling:

Zamami’s abundant coral and many snorkeling spots can be accessed directly from the beach.  The two beaches on Zamami Island for snorkeling are Furuzamami and Ama beaches.  On Aka Island, the beach for snorkeling is Nishibama Beach.

Be sure to always wear a life jacket when snorkeling.  For safety reasons, those swimming at the beach must swim within the designated swimming area and must adhere to the directions of the lifeguards.

Furuzamami and Nishibama beaches have both snorkel-gear rentals and food directly at the beach.  Ama Beach has food and rentals in the nearby Ama Hamlet.

Furuzamami–tons of coral and fish immediately upon entering the water at the beach.

Ama–the coral is further out, but there are often a sea turtles close to the beach, especially during high tide.

Nishibama–the coral is further out like at Ama Beach but extremely beautiful and often the quietest of the three beaches.

Boat Snorkeling:

Boats enable participants to reach snorkeling points typically inaccessible when trying to swim directly from the beach.  It also allows for customers to experience more than one snorkeling spot in a relatively short period of time.  Boat snorkeling is the full deal with experienced guides leading the way to Zamami’s best and secret spots.

While many of the diving shops offer boat snorkeling in addition to their standard operations, there are a few boat-snorkeling specialty shops.  Lastly, most sea kayaking and standup paddleboard tours also include a bit of snorkeling and may be another option for those who would like to experience more than one type of water sport.

For visitors who can understand Japanese, please check the Zamami Village Website for a comprehensive list of snorkeling shops that can provide services in Japanese.  The following shops can provide services in English.  All prices are in yen and subject to change as determined by each shop.

Aka Island shops are listed below!

Replace the ♪ mark with an @ mark in each email.  “Half Day” tours are generally 2 hours.  “Full Day” tours are generally 5 hours.

Zamami Island Snorkeling Specialty Shops:

  1. Wayama Mozuku
    • (098-987-2069)
    • One Day Tour: 9,500
    • Half Day Tour: 6,000
    • Includes mask, snorkel, fins, and guide
    • Wet Suit Rental: 1,620
    • Also offers sunset tours
    • Also a restaurant
    • <info♪>
  2. Heartland

Zamami Island Diving Shops With Snorkeling:

  1. Elli Sella
  2. JOY JOY
  3. Cats Inn Kerama


Aka Island Shops with Snorkeling:

  1. Marine House Seasir
  2. Marine Link
    • (098-987-2580)
    • 2 Hour Tour: 5,000
    • Includes mark, snorkel, fins, and wet suit
    • Snorkeling only available if there are no divers
    • Also a diving service
    • <aka♪>
  3. Sea Kayak Shop Ryo
    • (098-987-3007)
    • Full Day Tour: 15,000 (with lunch)
    • Half Day Tour: 9,000
    • Also a sea kayaking service
    • <yuca♪>