Uninhabited Islands

Photo by Adil Hayasaka from Drifter--providing sea kayaking and standup paddleboard tours to uninhabited islands.

Photo by Adil Hayasaka from Drifter–providing sea kayaking and standup paddleboard tours to uninhabited islands.

Zamami Village is comprised of over twenty small islands.  Of those twenty, only three are inhabited (Zamami, Aka, and Geruma).  The scenery in Zamami is gorgeous–white sand beaches fringe little green islands that dot the deep blue and turquoise sea.  Add the usual picturesque sunset, and you’ve got million dollar views.

Gahi and Agenashiku are uninhabited islands located between Zamami and Aka.  These two islands, the water between them, and the water around them are internationally protected under the Ramsar Convention.  As a result, Gahi and Agenashiku host underwater fields of healthy and vibrant coral.  While diving in the area is prohibited, visiting the islands and snorkeling is totally fine.

There are two primary ways to get to the uninhabited islands:

  1. Water Taxi
    • There are a couple of water taxi operators who ferry customers to the uninhabited islands and back from Zamami Port
    • Time: tell the captain what time you want to depart and return
    • Price: 1500 yen (Gahi or Agenashiku); 2500 yen (Amuro)
    • Rentals: snorkeling equipment, umbrellas for the sun (parasol), coolers, etc.
    • Note: there are no facilities on the uninhabited islands.  You must bring plenty of water and be careful of heat stroke.
    • Reserve: the captains are usually on their boats in the port nearby the only stoplight in town.  Call either Seishun Miyahira (090-3795-8467) or Zamami Tour Operation (080-1766-6745).  Visit the tourist information center in the port for more information
  2. Sea Kayaking & Standup Paddleboard Tours