Here are some of the village-wide rules.  Most of the rules pertain to protecting the environment.  Zamami is a national park and its economy depends almost entirely upon the beaches, coral, fish, scenery, and sea life.  Please help us ensure that Zamami is as beautiful as ever for future generations of visitors.


  • Always wear a shirt and shorts (except when at the beach).  Zamami is a residential area, and residents ask for your cooperation in maintaining an environment suitable of a residential area.
  • DO NOT touch, step on, or kick the coral.  Coral is a living creature.  If you touch it, it will die.  You will likely cut yourself.  Be careful when wearing fins.
  • Always wear a life jacket when snorkeling and swimming.  Not only does it prevent you from drowning or accidentally kicking the coral, but it makes snorkeling more enjoyable in shallow areas as you do not have to worry about treading water to avoid touching the coral.
  • DO NOT smoke at the beach or while walking.  Only smoke in designated ash-receptacle areas or with a portable ash tray.
  • DO NOT toss away your cigarette butt.  Properly dispose of your cigarettes.  They could start a fire and harm the environment.
  • DO NOT litter.  Litter destroys Zamami’s beautiful and fragile ecosystem.  Properly separate and dispose of your trash in designated garbage bags.
  • NO open fires.
  • DO NOT camp anywhere other than the Ama Beach Campground.
  • ONLY swim within the designated swimming areas.  The currents around Zamami Island are very strong and dangerous.
  • DO NOT try to swim to the uninhabited islands.
  • Always swim within the designated swimming areas.
  • Always adhere to the instructions of the lifeguards.
  • Please be quiet after 10:00 PM as people are trying to sleep.
  • Zamami is in a drought.  Please do not use too much water.