About Zamami’s Hotels

Zamami Village has a surprisingly large amount of small lodging establishments known as minshuku (or “pensions.”)  There are minshuku with English-capable staff in the Zamami and Ama Hamlets on Zamami Island as well as on Aka Island.  While there are two larger hotels on Zamami Island, the small-scale minshuku are often a better deal.  There are also brand-new minshuku that provide a polished, resort-style atmosphere.  Zamami is a world-famous diving and water sports mecca, and many minshuku additionally run services including diving, snorkeling, kayaking, standup paddleboarding, etc.

See “Hotel List” for a comprehensive list of English-capable hotels and guest houses on Zamami.

An important distinction to note with regards to accommodations in Japan is that almost all establishments base their prices per person instead of per room (as in the U.S.)



If you are looking for economical, there are two places offering hostel-dormitory style sleeping arrangements (Zamamia and Iyonchi).  Iyonchi has male and female dormitory rooms with Japanese-style futon on tatami flooring for 2000 yen per person per night.  Zamamia International Guesthouse has standard-bed hostel-style arrangements for 2500 yen per person per night.  Both places have shared showers and bathrooms.

The least expensive private rooms start at 3000 yen per person per night without meals and are Japanese-style futons on tatami mat flooring (Akabana, Robinson, and Nanseisou).  Zamamia has a few private rooms with standard beds for 3000 yen per night.  All of the aforementioned establishments have shared bathrooms.

The least expensive private room with standard beds and a private bathroom is at Minshuku Miyamura and SummerHouse Yu-Yu for 4000 yen per person per night. Minshuku Nakamuraya offers the most affordable breakfast included plan at 4800 yen per person per night.


Aka Island:

On Aka Island, Harumi has the least expensive private futon-on-tatami room at 3800 yen per person per night.  Kawai Diving goes the extra mile with an entirely English homepage.  Places like Hanamuro Inn and Lagoon 315 are quite new and offer more of a resort-style atmosphere.  Akasa is a standard house-like minshuku and Pension Kuba is the largest establishment on Aka Island.  Note, most guest houses on Aka Island do not provide amenities or towels and you will have to bring your own.


Other Types of Minshuku:

Back on Zamami, Cat’s Inn Kerama is fairly new, attached to a cafe, and offers more of a resort-style atmosphere at a small-scale establishment for those who are not as much worried about price.  Beach Comber and Cha-Villa (attached to a cafe) offer “condominium-style” rooms that include a kitchenette and private bathroom.

Most of the minshuku on Zamami Island are in the Zamami Hamlet right next to the port.  However, there are a few minshuku near the beach in the Ama Hamlet on Zamami Island.  The Ama Hamlet is a 20-minute walk along the water from the Zamami Port. Ama can also be reached via the village-run bus. Additionally, many of the minshuku in Ama provide transportation to and from the port for their customers.  The primary English-speaking minshuku in Ama is Yadokari (also a diving service).  The campground is also in Ama and offers camping gear and cottage rentals.


Final Comments:

Most of the English-capable minshuku take reservations in English primarily via email.  The best means for reservation is included with a small description of each establishment on the “Hotel List” page.  The “Hotel List” page is a comprehensive list of English-capable lodging options in Zamami Village.  We only include accommodations that have said they accept customers that can only speak English.  Also, as a general rule, establishments in rural Japan do not accept payment by credit card.  Cash only.  There are ATMs (generally open 9:00-17:00) at the post offices on Zamami and Aka islands that can accept foreign-issued cards.  Japan is largely a cash-based society.


Disclaimer: All of the prices listed on this page and any other page of the guide are general peak-season prices and subject to change as determined by each establishment.  This website, the Zamami Village Office, and the Zamami Village Tourism Association are not responsible for discrepancies in prices.  This website exists to provide information about the establishments on the island and in no way represents them.  For further information regarding reservations, availability, pricing information, etc., please contact each business directly.