Alternative Methods of Transportation

Alternative Methods of Transportation:

Lastly, we will describe a few (but pricey) alternative private methods of last-resort transportation.

(Because these are private enterprises, the Tourist Information Center cannot actually reserve anything for you.  What they can do is help provide you with resources and information to do so yourself.  It would be the best to try to have your accommodations assist you in booking any of the following.)

  1. Chartered Helicopters
    • Whenever there is any change to the ferry schedule, charter helicopters through Ilas Air Co., Ltd. become half price.
    • Usually 64,800 yen per helicopter, it costs 32,400 yen per helicopter when there is a change to the ferry schedule.
    • The helicopter can hold 5 passengers.
    • However, the total weight of both the passengers and their luggage may not exceed 350 kg.
    • Payment by cash or credit is available.
    • There is a point where the winds are too strong or it is too cloudy for even the helicopters to fly.
    • If the Mitsushima Inter Island Ferry is running, you must depart from Fukaji Island’s Kerama Airport (accessible via Aka and Geruma islands).  If the Mitsushima is cancelled, helicopters can also depart from the heliport on top of Mt. Takatsukiyama on Zamami Island.
    • You might need to call the Aka taxi for transportation from Aka Port to the Kerama Airport.
  2. Chartered Boat
    • Oscamintol Kerama Pearl offers chartered boat transportation services from Zamami Village to Naha.
    • The boat costs 80,000 yen.
    • A maximum of 12 passengers can board the vessel.
    • If the waves become too high, Oscamintol will not be able to travel to Naha.
    • You should have your accommodations call Oscamintol for you.
    • Try to gather as many other passengers as possible to decrease the cost per person.
    • Oscamintol: Tel. 098-987-2356 Cel. 090-1949-5325