How to Wave Forecast

When there is a typhoon, the waves get high.

When the waves get high, the ferries stop.

Reading the wave forecast is one important part of properly informing yourself before coming to Zamami if there is a typhoon somewhere in the western pacific.

Below are a few resources for gaging what the waves will be like.  As a general rule, the large Ferry Zamami usually stops if the waves are 4 meters, and the high-speed Queen Zamami stops if the waves are 3 meters.

The following only provide a forecast, and the final ferry schedule is determined every morning by 8:00 AM.  You can view the finalized ferry schedule on the Zamami Village Homepage Top Page here.

1.) Japan Meteorological Agency Marine Forecast

One resource is the JMA’s Marine Forecast.

The overview page looks like this:

marine forecast map


Zamami Village is that little red circle toward the bottom of the map.

It might be good to check all three of the surrounding areas and their forecasts.

If you click on an area, it’s forecast looks like the following:

marine forecast


The highlighted lines are the wave forecasts.  The upper line is for today.  The bottom line is for tomorrow.

2.) IMOC Wave Forecast

The following describes how to use the IMOC Wave Forecast map.

First, click the link in the previous sentence.

You will get a page that looks something like this (depending on the waves for that day):

wave forecast zamami circle


The little red circle toward the bottom of the image is Zamami.  Find Zamami on your map.

If your map looks different, make sure you have selected the same region (南日本 “South Japan”):

wave forecast minaminihon circle

Click the button that’s circled at the top of the image above.

You can select different dates and times by clicking their buttons.

The number circled toward the top of image below is the date:

wave forecast date circle

In the next image, the circle shows the time of day (as a 24-hour clock).

wave forecast time circle

Finally, and most importantly, the last image indicates the wave-height key with yet another red circle:

wave forecast height circle

So, in our example image, the sea around Zamami will be anywhere from 50 cm – 149 cm as a general estimation.

We hope that this information provided help in understanding how to use the wave forecasts.  Search for and view other wave forecasts for Zamami.  The more wave forecasts you view, the better your understanding of the predicted waves will be.