Ama Beach Campground & Cabins

The Ama Beach Campground

The Ama Beach Campground

The village-run campground on Zamami Island is located right next to the beautiful Ama Beach in the Ama Hamlet.  Ama is a flat, gorgeous, approximately 20-minute walk along the water.  There is also a bus that goes from the port to Ama for 300 yen per person (adult).

The campground is next to Ama Beach.  While Ama Beach has less coral immediately upon entering the water as compared to Furuzamami Beach, its main attraction is the sea turtles that frequent the shallow waters along the beach (especially during high tide).  Ama Beach presents visitors with picturesque tropical views from its white sands.

The campground has a base fee of 500 yen per person per night to use the facilities (shower, toilets, community kitchen, etc.)  Camping gear is also available for rental as follows:

  • Small Tent (1 person) 1000 yen per night
  • Medium Tent (2-3 people) 2000 yen per night
  • Large Tent (4-5 people) 2500 yen per night
  • Sleeping Bag (500 yen per night)
  • Sleeping Mat (300 yen per night)
  • Large Charcoal Grill (5-8 people) 2000 yen per day
  • Small Charcoal Grill (2-4 people) 1000 yen per day

There is also a place to charge electronic devices and check baggage.

The campground only accepts reservations by telephone. 098-987-3259

Ama Campground Cottages

The cottages next to the Ama Beach Campground

The cottages next to the Ama Beach Campground

You can also rent an entire cottage for 21000 yen per night.  Up to 10 people can stay in the cottage, but sleeping materials are only included for 6 people (additional sleeping materials available for 400 yen per night.)  Sleeping materials include a tatami mat, towelket, and pillow.  Each cottage includes a bathroom (toilet, shower), kitchen (gas stove, refrigerator), and air conditioner.  However, there are no towels, soap, or shampoo.  Kitchen ware (500 yen per day) and a rice cooker (1000 yen per day) is available for rental with the cottages.

Like pretty much every other establishment on the island, payments are only accepted in cash.  There is an ATM on Zamami Island at the post office all the way back in the Zamami Hamlet.  Check in and check out for the cottages are generally at 14:00 and 10:00 respectively.  Check in and pay your fees at the administration building at the campground.  When you get off the ferry, stop in the Tourist Information Center for a map and to ask any questions.